Photo: April Gadayan

April Gadayan's story

April Gadayan qualified as a registered nurse in 1997 and has been a cardiac nurse since 1999.

April has worked both in a ward setting and within the hospital’s cardiac intensive care unit.

For April the flexibility to move within the Trust to pursue her interests and career development has great appeal: “I joined the Recovery team within the Operating Theatre department in order to progress my personal development as a nurse.

“So far, my 11 months as a recovery practitioner have been amazing.

“The team is very welcoming and the whole working atmosphere and set-up within Recovery is great – it is a fantastic learning environment.

“I am able to provide care for a range of patients from all specialties, which has helped me to enhance my knowledge and skills.”

The change in career direction has renewed April’s passion for nursing: “It is very rewarding being the patients’ advocate during their post-operative care. I love my job!”