Photo: Emma Waite

Emma Waite's story

Emma has been a registered staff nurse since 2009. Experienced in both acute and district nursing, Emma joined the team at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) in 2013.

 “In my opinion and from my observations, although it is a very big hospital, it is a very warm and welcoming Trust,” explains Emma. “I have worked in a variety of roles but this team is special.”

Emma’s role sees her caring for some of the frailest patients on one of the Trust’s dementia-friendly enhanced recovery wards, which provide extra support for patients before they are transferred on to further care in the community.

“By its very nature it is a very challenging ward to work on, yet the staff on the ward work very hard to meet the daily targets and work very well as a team – there is a strong sense of team spirit.

“I admire the Trust values and the staff do their utmost to adhere to them.

“I also admire our manager, who is excellent. It makes such as big difference when you know you are part of a team that wants to do the best they can.”

For Emma, it is not just the culture that appeals: “There are great opportunities to further personal professional development and I can see myself staying here.

“The training is excellent. If you have an interest in something like tissue viability then you can go on courses or study days to learn more about that.

“And the best part is you don’t have to wait months for a place on a course. There is such a huge training team here that as soon as you show an interest in a particular subject, they book you on and in just a few weeks you're there doing the training.”