Photo: Mario Mugnaini

Marco Mugnaini's story

Marco moved to the UK from Italy in 2014. He joined the Emergency Department at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) in June 2017.

“I began working as a nurse on a medical ward in a small district hospital, where I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities as a nurse.

“I always wanted to work in an A&E team so once I felt comfortable as a nurse here in the UK, I applied for a job in the A&E unit.

“I always wanted to move to a big city and a bigger hospital with more complex cases, so I joined QEHB.

“I really feel that we are making a difference. The hospital has so many specialties and facilities here, that we can care for the patients from the moment they come through the door to when they are ready to go home.

“In my previous hospital, we only had a small unit so we would have to transfer patients to another hospital, but here we can care for even the most serious cases and I like that.

For Marco, being part of a large team provides a great environment to develop his knowledge and skills and work with others:

“From the very first shift I felt accepted and was made to feel part of the team; everyone from the manager to the students tries to support you.

“I also love the fact we a part of a teaching hospital and have student nurses here. I really enjoy learning and sharing that knowledge with the new students – it helps you to develop your own understanding of the care you are giving.

“I would definitely like to go into teaching later in my career; perhaps as a clinical educator or a lecturer at university. There are so many opportunities here for me to be able to do that here; I know that I can learn a lot from the education programmes here and that I will treat lots of complex patients so I think this hospital is the right place for me.”