Photo: Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews's story

Sarah Andrews is a staff nurse on Ward 513 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB).

"I work on a cardiothoracic surgery ward, where we care for peri and post-operative patients – some of whom have had heart and lung transplants."

"I am part of a multi-specialty team, working alongside doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and a transplant team."

"The ward has a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere and it is an enjoyable place to work. It can be busy and challenging at times, however we are part of a supportive team - who are all very approachable - and this makes it easier to overcome the challenges. We’re there for each other."

"Some of the patients come to our ward directly from Critical Care therefore we get the opportunity to develop our skills around temporary pacing, chest drains, wound care, phlebotomy as well as enhance our observational skills and ECG competencies."

"We also work alongside advanced nurse practitioners who are fantastic and have expert knowledge and skills that we can learn from - I can always seek advice from them regarding our patients, which is great."

"Our ward is a very rewarding and gratifying place to work and with so much going on, it can open up many opportunities for your future nursing career."