Photo: Sophie Griffith

Sophie Griffith's story

Following a period of nursing at Hewell Prison in Redditch, Sophie returned to an acute setting in 2015.  When searching for her next move, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) was at the top of her list: As soon as I decided I wanted to come back to a hospital setting I was looking for jobs here, it’s a well-known, pioneering hospital with first-class facilities.

“The buzz circulating around the main atrium when you enter the hospital is infectious, the staff who work here are passionate about what they do and that's something that rubs off on you”

It is not just the environment that Sophie speaks highly of: “I recently attended the annual nursing conference held at the hospital. The session was very insightful and interesting. It's great that we can take part in activities outside the wards – we learn from other and it boosts morale!”

From induction to further clinical training, Sophie has benefited from the opportunities on offer at QEHB: “All my training has been well organised, informative and beneficial. I can’t fault it.

“There are so many avenues you can take here, career-wise. The courses you can take top up your knowledge and help you progress through your nursing career

“My managers are very encouraging; they pro-actively suggest training courses. People here want you to expand your knowledge and your skills”

Being part of large Trust is something that Sophie embraces: “Here, we learn from one another and celebrate achievements. It is a very rewarding place to work”