Staff stories

See what our nurses think

Photo: Mary Hawkesford

“The level of support you get to come back into nursing is just fantastic. People just want to help you and guide you through.”

Photo: Natasha Salmon

“The preceptorship programme is second to none and you are encouraged to learn new skills and expand your knowledge - I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Photo: Tapiwa Nyachowe

“Working in ED gave me confidence – it’s a really dynamic team.”

Photo: Mary Ryan

“I feel very safe in the knowledge that I am working and developing with the best of the best in a remarkable multidisciplinary and speciality team.”

Photo: Joanne McGugan

“I couldn’t wait to come back to QEHB following my maternity leave; there was no other place I wanted to go.”

Photo: Chris Kent

“I had a few placements here when I was a student and I loved the atmosphere of being at the sharp end of the hospital.”

Photo: Sophie Griffith

“As soon as I decided I wanted to come back to a hospital setting I was looking for jobs here, it’s a well-known, pioneering hospital with first-class facilities.”

Photo: Leanne Atkin

“I really enjoy working in the operating theatres. We have a supportive, friendly team where the patients are our main focus.”

Photo: April Gadayan

“It's very rewarding being the patients’ advocate during their post-operative care. I love my job!”

Photo: Sarah Andrews

“Our ward is a very rewarding and gratifying place to work and with so much going on, it can open up many opportunities for your future nursing career.”

Photo: Julia Linekar

“In the short time I’ve been at QEHB my confidence has grown massively and I am thoroughly enjoying my time as a nurse here.”

Photo: Beth Poyner

“For anyone considering neurosurgery, I’d say go for it!  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Photo: Mario Mugnaini

“I felt accepted and supported from the first day.”

Photo: Shona Daniel

“Every day is different; there are so many opportunities to learn.”

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